Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Desi's F1, F2 Visa Advices

Feel free to email me about visa, educational info that you need in the U.S.


AskTheDesi said...

what is this D156, D157, D158, application form

Thanks and Regards,

AskTheDesi said...

hi Indian,

please visit this website for the ds forms and what they are, it is very self explainatory. If you are applying for f2 status, these forms needs to be filled up, both online, and also you need a copy of them when you goto the embassy for youre interview.

If the above website does not answer your question, email me back with your question. Hope that helped,
God bless and His Speed

joe said...

Dear sir

I am cheran, read ur answer at web site for F2 visa interview, now i am also in the same boat, trying for that. she went to us in august 2007 came back for marriage dec 07 went back to US, she has a job at her instituion not GA, now she send I 20, hence i also planning to go there. now here i am working as a product development executive in MNC company, what r all the important document are needed for visa, how was the visa interview? what things has to prepare. pls help me and waiting for ur reply.

looking forward for ur cooperation.

Thank you

joe said...

Hey cheran,
I posted this on this site, so it will help the other similar applicants, thanks for your question. pls visit this link

it will list all that you need, but any info other than that, pls post a comment and I will get back ASAP.